The Three Ways To Be Success

November 10, 2014

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The first thing that a person can enjoy their life is happiness. It can be made by ourselves. The life will be perfect if everything we thank to. Every person in the world wants to get happiness in the life and to make it comes true; there are ways to be success : work hard, discipline and pray.

Most of people in the world almost work as long as 24 hours in day, 7 days in week even 30 days in month without taking a rest. It is done to complete the life, complete all of things in this life even to be a rich person. However, the true work hard is not like that. Work hard can be one of the key to get success if we focus all of our activities. Besides, there is has another key. The second way is discipline. It is needed to manage the time and develop of character. Discipline in all everything is initial to improving ourselves and it should be practiced in daily activities. For example, as an employee, we should go to office on time, and as a student, we should do homework early and don’t delay it. The both (work hard and discipline) should balance in everything in this life. The final way to perfect the two keys above is pray. As a human, we just can have a hope and always try to do the best in life and don’t forget complete it pray well. 

Conclusion based on the three ways above, we can conclude that success can be created if we are knowing, learning and practicing the keys above in everything in daily activities. Doing the best in life, enjoying all of about life (happy, sad, problem etc) and always thank to, believe the success must follows us. So, do you want to be a success? Just do it !!!

The success is the simple
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