Let’s Explore Indonesia !

November 10, 2014

Mountain Andong - Magelang Regency - Central Java                   
Indonesia is one of the archipelago country that has so many islands that unfolds from Sabang to Merauke. Not only rich with million islands but Indonesia has amazing land with diverse culture and million charms as well. Because the reasons mentioned before, Indonesia should be one of the land that must be visited by all of people in the world, to see direct how beautiful this country. So, what should we do as citizen to promote Indonesia to all of places in the world?

The official website of Indonesia http://www.indonesia.travel// is one of the way from Department of Tourism to introduce Indonesia to the world tourism arena. Also we have to appreciate about it and support fully to the process. We can support it by exploring Indonesia, know Indonesia closer and start to share everything about Indonesia. Indonesia is not only about beaches, islands, mountain but so many things in Indonesia that we can visit and learn more about the places that we are there. As far as we travel around Indonesia, we will know more about this country and can share Indonesia. Then retell the experiences explore Indonesia into a blog or post a photo collection to affect others visit Indonesia. Come on, don’t much sleep, let’s wake up and explore Indonesia !

We may come from the different regions, culture, language, but we stand up in the same land, the land is said as Bumi Pertiwi Indonesia. As a young people, int our hand the initial step to introduce Indonesia as a paradise in the world. Let’s explore Indonesia, share about how beautiful this land and keep the country for our children and grandchildren’s future.

Prambanan Temple is one of the largest hindu temple in southeast asia

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