Pro and Contra About Blanking of Religion in ID Card (KTP)

Desember 03, 2014

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Talking about religion, many people in the world rather carefully about it because religion is a something privacy and sensitive thing. Likewise in Indonesia, religion can be important problem that must be attention seriously. Nowadays, blanking of religion in ID Card (KTP) that a new program of government is being sharp debate/controversy in Indonesia. As a country that has the most of muslim people in the world, this problem gets more attention by citizen of Indonesia. The various opinions (pro and contra) appear to solving the case.

“It’s very important to us in a hospital ! If there is an accident and the no family of victim then a victim is died. The first thing that we find immediately is ID Card to check the victim’s religion and after that hospital’s staff will take care of the victim’s body as soon as possible in accordance religion,” advised my friend who a doctor in one of the hospital in Jakarta. Because the reason mentioned above, many citizen accept them, especially by muslim people. Another opinion adding, Government of Indonesia should sove various problem/conflict into citizen firstly, instead disturbing or againts the rules have been set since long ago. The citizen think that blanking of religion in ID Card is not something urgent or very important to be source of the problem. On the other hand, also many parties who are pro to this decision. They are thinking that the matter of trust is responsibility of themselves between a human and their God. The blanking of religion in the ID Card is very keeping the tolerance into society without seeing someone from their tribe, religion, and race each other, especially to them who do not have a religion (choosing to don’t believe to God) “atheist”.

Regardless of the pro and contra above, as citizen of Indonesia who hold firm the basic of Pancasila “Ketuhanan Yang Maha Esa” must always shake hands with each other. Besides, the government also must become a unifying milestone into any difference, instead of being shield to break the differences that have been there. It would be nice if this wisdom is analysed again to the best consideration. The religion in ID Card is a dead price to identify of each citizen of Indonesia. 

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